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Understanding the cost of a home lift is crucial as it varies based on numerous factors. These factors ultimately dictate the lift price range. In Malaysia, the lift price for 2 persons typically falls between MYR 139000 to MYR 279000, contingent upon the location and type of lift. In this blog, we explore the factors that influence home lift pricing and provide valuable insights for making an informed decision.

Factors Influencing Home Lift Prices

Home Lifts companies worldwide determine their pricing by considering several key factors, including:

  1. Number of Floors and Height: The number of floors in a building and their respective heights impact home lift costs.
  2. Technology Utilized: The choice of home lift technology plays a significant role in pricing. Different technologies come with varying price tags.
  3. Aesthetics: The appearance and overall aesthetic of the home lift, including design options, colour choices, interiors, glass panels, flooring, and lighting, can affect the final price.
  4. Certifications: : Home lifts meeting specific safety and quality certifications may be priced differently.
  5. Country of Origin: : The country where the home lift is designed & manufactured can influence its lift cost.
  6. Number of Stops: : The total number of stops a home lift serves determines the necessary components, such as doors, impacting the lift price.
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Home Lift Technology

Vacuum lifts are a cost-effective choice for home lifts as they do not require a machine room or pit. They come with their own structure, simplifying installation.


In contrast to high-rise or commercial buildings where aesthetics might not be a priority, homeowners often prioritize the appearance of their home lift. Various design options, from standard to premium colours, interior aesthetics, glass panels, flooring, and lighting, can increase the price. Your personal taste can significantly influence this aspect of pricing.

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Safety Regulations

Safety regulations for home lifts differ from those for lifts in commercial or high-rise buildings. Home lifts require safety features such as platform/cabin safety, door safety, and automatic rescue devices.

Key Questions to Consider

Before deciding on the type of technology for your home lift, ask yourself:

  • Will I hire a lift attendant for my home?
  • Do I prioritize safety for my family members, including children and grandparents?
  • Should I opt for uncertified lifts to save money, or invest in safety-certified options?

By considering these factors and questions, you can make an informed decision when it comes to choosing a home lift that aligns with your budget, safety requirements, and aesthetic preferences in Malaysia

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