What are the Safest Compact Home Lifts in Malaysia?

Safest Home Lift in Malaysia

Home Elevators are a practical way to provide easier access to other floors, particularly when moving items between levels. Elevators are also a valuable piece of mobility equipment because they provide a practical solution for elderly residents and those with physical disabilities; therefore, safety is of paramount importance. Quality home elevators are equipped with safety features and must adhere to stringent regulations to protect you, your family, and your guests. So here is your Safest Compact Home Lift.

There have been multiple reports of elevator accidents that resulted in permanent injuries, such as brain or spinal damage caused by being entrapped inside an elevator. At least nine deaths involving children and swing door elevators installed in commercial and residential structures across the United States were reported in 2014, based on data from the previous seven to eight years. Unaligned carriages with floors, malfunctioning elevator doors, and passenger safety vulnerabilities have also been cited as safety issues.

In order to prevent accidents involving residential elevators, it is essential to be aware of the essential safety features available in residential elevators and to purchase equipment that includes these vital improvements. Major manufacturers offer reasonably priced residential elevators with advanced safety features suitable for various indoor and outdoor transportation requirements.

Safest Compact Home Lifts and Elevators

When considering a residential elevator, security is one of the primary concerns. When imagining a home elevator, conventional elevators, cables, pistons, grease, maintenance, etc., typically come to mind. If safety is your top priority when installing a home elevator lift, vacuum elevators are a fantastic option.

With airtight mechanical locks, breakdowns in vacuum elevators should be your right choice. These elevators do not quickly become stuck between floors, removing a significant risk factor. Since vacuum elevators don’t require electricity to descend, your elevator will safely land on any floor even if the power goes out. This is an advantage vacuum elevators have over other types of elevators, in which a power outage can result in significant problems.

Our Home lifts are certified for CE for Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, which is one of the strictest standards for assessing structural integrity and safety.

Safest Home Lifts in Malaysia

Safety Precautions in a Vacuum Elevator

The only elevator technology that won’t need a battery backup or emergency power supply in the case of a power outage is vacuum elevators. Vacuum elevators come equipped with every Safest Home Lift feature, including a telephone, light, fan, child switch, emergency descent, and alarm as a standard protocol. Due to the elevator’s Self-sustaining architecture and its metal shaft, it can be placed on an existing floor. Therefore, it does not involve tearing down existing structures or erecting RCC walls.

Vacuum elevators while climbing up, require only 240 KVA of power and when descending, the lifts rely on gravity, hence, no power is needed while the lift descends, ensuring that passengers land safely.

Maximum safety during a Power Outage

The car lowers to the ground floor smoothly and automatically. In the event of a power outage, it does not require a battery backup or emergency power supply.

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